TWEET India transgender helpline number promises gentle and legal help for Trans. Atri Kar Aadhar Card Issue

Hooghly (West Bengal) [21.02.2017]: On 21st Feb 2017, there was a call on TWEET India's Transgender Helpline number around 11:35 AM from Hooghly district of West Bengal, caller told her name as Aatri Kar, her inquiry was that she don't have her  previous Aadhar Card and even the phone number given in Aadhar card for first time is not in use, and she wants Aadhar card with updations in "Gender Coloum". The same processed was explain in details, TWEET India also ask her to call if the work is not done.

In evening she went to Aadhar Kender in her near by town, where she was simply refused, she again call to TWEET India's Trans helpline number in Delhi, what she said was totally unbelievable, her wordings on phone was, "They people (Aadhar Office) are asking for PAN card to change the gender on Aadhar and they are making mockery", on repeatedly requests from Aatri Kar finally they very simply refused to serve her and keep demanding PAN card from her.

Somehow Kar finds the concern guys number and sends to TWEET India Transgender helpline in Delhi, Nirvair Kaur immediately called that person on behalf of TWEET India and asks for the piratical reason for not updating the Gender on Aadhar Card for Aatri, after short talk he (Aadhar Kender Person) disconnect the call, but Nirvair keep calling, at last he receives the call and was rude with Nirvair. 

Nirvair explains him the NALSA in very short, and ask him to do the needful as denying like this is an offence, at last he agrees, he again keep Aatri waiting for more then 20 mins and finally get her Aadhar card downloaded with process of her fingerprint and get her work done.

Again a "Thank You" was welcomed by TWEET India after this whole day drama.
We at TWEET India salutes the spirit of Atri Kar the way she fights for her rights, last time also she stands for medical help of her friend.