My name is not mine !

"Can I change my name on my aadhar card, license and other documents ? I don't related
to the gender given by birth and my female name given by my parents! I know you may feel why do I need to change this? But this gender affirmation is important for me to be in my own skin!" Aarav Singh, Transman New Delhi TWEET India.

Indian census counts reports 4.9 lakh trans people in India in 2012. This data is just tip of iceberg. Transmen among the transgender community are more invisible identity since most of the time they been considered as lesbian or bisexual. We still dont know what are the real numbers and what are the real problems among the transmen. Due to the societal stigma and harassment from their own families a large portion of trans men become subject to suicide, rape and violence through forced marriages. Transmen do not like to be identified as woman and attire, documents that reminds them for the birth associate gender quite often diminish their morals and aspirations in life.

Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET) India is the first trans led community based organization based in Mumbai and Delhi providing support for the transmen movement. TWEET India has three board members who are young transmen trying to create safe spaces and address the crucial issues around sexual reasingnment surgeries (SRS), mental health and gender affirmation certificates. Ms. Nirvair Kaur, transwoman programme manager of TWEET India has established linkages for trans people
in New Delhi to easily change their documentation.

Recently, Aarav Singh, transman and the board member of TWEET India successfully applied for the change of name and gender certificate after intervention by Nirvair Kaur. TWEET India is also keen to provide continuous support to transmen and transwomen from Delhi and other states with support our consortium partners. If you need such support please dont hazitate to write to us on,

Nirvair Kaur with Aarav Singh
Aarav with Nirvair Kaur